Day Three - Saturday daytime @ WF Sete

Another beautiful day in Sete, so decided to walk over to ACD beach today.... ended up taking well over an hour, but the sun was blazing, and the walk is along was the coast so all good. Excited to catch the bPm's set this afternoon at the beach, know he has the killer selections, man's ready to bogle!

When I got the beach, Aline & Da Vince were in the mix - really nice set, dropped a very sneaky downtempo house remix of Busta Rhymes & Missy Elliot's Touch It, loved that one, need to find it... anyone?!

Must have been around 5:30 when the bPm stepped up - no need to tell you he smashed it as always! Nice mixed bag from the darkness, had me and many others grooving from the get go. Highlights for me were Suges' We Belong To The Night, and Heatwave's Boogie Nights (a bit of a bPm signature!?)... yeah, loving the selections, hardest I've got down so far....

So after the ACD party, I walked to the Theatre De La Mer - once again, stunning backdrop, probably the most gorgeous music venue i have had the pleasure of being at.... nice food backstage too! oysters, great salads, fresh bread, pasta, couscous, rose wine.... Sophie dem arrived today - with the exception of Chif (missed you man), the crew was now complete

First of the two live music acts scheduled for tonight was Mocky - didn't know much about Mocky apart from what it said in the programme, but took a seat midway up, and tuned in. If asked to categorise the sound of Mocky, I'd have to say hip-hop / experimental / with a touch of folk?! What i loved about his set was the fantastic blend of instruments used for the performance - a sumptuous pallette of sounds, that compliment each other so well, it gives you a sound on the right side of sickly sweet - Upright Piano & Fender Rhodes (mk1 i think?), Flute & Vox, Viola, Upright Bass & Percussion (looked like Giovanni Congas...), and Drums (lovely 18" bass drum) & Vox... yeah, a perfect sonic to the visual backdrop.

After Mocky was the band I'd come to see - the wonderful Jimi Tenor live - rude, rude, RUDE!! A very close call against Soil & "Pimp" Sessions for the top show!? Three piece brass with Jimi going between keyboards and sax... killer bass player Patrick Frankowski with the most beautiful, warm sound.... Drummer Ekow Alabi Savage from Ghana, & percussionist Akinola Famson from Lagos, Nigeria - KABU KABU IN THE HOUSE, afrobeat, K I L L E R grooves, man these guys can play!

The floor in front of the stage quickly filled up, great energy, definate good times vibes, loved it. Special shout to the rhythm section on this one for playing the groove C O L D A S I C E !!! Highlight was the afrobeat laced Global Party from Jimi's latest release 4th Dimension. A really cool bunch of cats, had a long nater with the Eko (the drummer) backstage after the show, real real cool.

Again, as after the Soil & "Pimp" Sessions, I could have gone home a happy man, but there was Jazzanova followed by Laurent Garnier to come. I'd heard backstage that there were a few problems - Laurents gear didn't turn up, nor did Alex's records - apparently Alex was sat in his hotel frantically burning CD's trying to put his set together, whilst a mad scramble around Sete for wires for Laurent ensued....


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