Final Day Beach Party @ WF Sete 2009

After crashing around 7:30am, found myself woken up around midday to hit the beach - today was an all dayer at ACD beach, been told so much about last years, this was the one i was looking forward to. Reached ACD by 1pm - nice and early but then found out the party was going til 4am!!! Gonna have to soldier this one out, last day and all....

Lots of DJ's on rotation all day, found a spot by the dancefloor, chilling on a lounger, boiling hot.... lovely. Absolutely gorgeous people everyone, sun kissed skin on impossible bodies.... beautiful women everywhere you turned, everyone on the good vibes, a music lovers affair, fantastic!

Spent the whole afternoon drinking / chillin / dancing / people watching all afternoon... highlights included (but not limited to) Lefto dropping a nice mixed bag (that included Award Tour), and DJ Sub from Reprazent dropping a little drum'n'BASS (one crazy ass d'n'b remix of Human Nature!).... by the time the main man GP came on at 9pm, the beach was absolutely RAM UP!

Gilles smashed it as always with a trademark eclectic set... to hear Jill Scotts Golden played out on a beach in the heat was a REAL TREAT! Was also a nice upcoming downtempo track from Fat Freddy's Drop... all the hallmarks of some solid GP business really, exactly what you want :)

After Gilles came Simbad.... and so came some heavy dubstep / d'n'b / anything else that was gonna provide general chestplate business - bass was turned UP, and the main beach area in front of the DJ booth was POPPIN OFF!!! went in there a few times by the speakers, what a vibe, what energy... CRAZY!

HIGHLIGHT - Simbad dropping Thriller to a backdrop of moonlight glistening off the ocean - simply incredible!!!

At some point, Dean pitched up with a botle of voddo, we got a couple of bottles of wine, and then Dean balled in with another bottle of champs.... it was now gone midnight, i'd been partying for a solid 12 hours, and there was still another 3-4 to go!!

With the moonlight shining bright, we took a moment to raise a toast - Dean, Mike, Trist, and myself - sat on the sand looking out to sea, trying to soaking it all in.... what a weekend!

After that, was pretty blurry if i'm honest?! Carried on raving til the early hours, dunno what time we got back... all i know is that it was a 16 hour jamdown, and i gotta be at the train station soon - man I need some rest.


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