Theo Parish and Diplo @ Phare Du Mole, Sete

First night of Worldwide last night, so i'm bit fuzzy today... walked down there with The bPm, and Naomi, about half hour from the hotel... beautiful venue right by the sea, backstage up by the lighthouse... real cool.

On to the tunes, on to Mr. Theo Parish - some gorgeous music, Detroit in the house! Just a shame that the sound wasn't tumping as hard as is should have (man bought his own mixer, but didn't get to sound check it...). But some heavy tunes, nice to hear a 2 hour set played off vinyl... really great energy from Theo, deep stuff man, feeling it!!

After the Parish came Diplo.... if I'm being honest, i don't know how hard i was feeling his set? Don't get me wrong, there were a few killer tunes, but overall, wasn't really FEELING it if you know what i mean. Whole set played off Serato too.... hmmmm!??!?

But yeah, a nice little opener, nothing too mad, setting the tone for the rest of the weekend. Don't think i'll be saying the same about tonight - Dorian Concept, Martyn, and Carl Craig - for me, it's all about Martyn right now, loving his sound... Just hoping there's not another four in the morning walk home and realising The motherf*cking bPm had lost the hotel key moment....

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