12" :: 2009

this year i got back into buying vinyl in a BIG way.... it's hard to beat the sonic of vinyl, the warmth, the depth... BIG !!

I also hooked up a beautiful Ecler Nuo mixer, and a pair of Shure M44-G's carts for the full experience.... trust me when I say they sound DEEEEE-CENT !!!!!! the proof is via Transmit Box Flat...

anyways, i digress - in no particular order, here are some of the 12's I'm happy to have found this year.

absolute MAXIMUM RESPECT must go out to 0800dark and DonSTaR for hooking me up.... and of course Sounds Of The Universe ....



:: Vacuum Boogie EP (EGLO002 - BUY)
:: Eglo

brilliant EP, three killer tunes.... title track is DOPE, but it's Argonaut that steals it for me


:: Hyph Mngo / Wet Look (HFT009 - BUY )

H U G E ! ! ! no doubt one of the tunes of the year -- > simply no denying Joy Orbison right now.... real future business here, what a sound.... 2010, gonna be BIG !!


:: Humber (PIPS005 - BUY )

FRESSHHH ! what a beautiful tune, love the choppy chord / broken beat vibes on this one.... gorgeous! Bigup DK, another masterpiece from Mr. Hessle Audio


:: Various
:: All Night Long EP 2 (AUS0920 - BUY)

A1 :: Appleblim & Ramadanman :: Sous Le Sable
B1 :: Martyn :: For Lost Relatives
B2 :: Pearson Sound :: Indelible

what a piece to have! Sous Le Sable is EPIC, For Lost Relatives is one of my tunes of the year, & Pearson Sound just rounds it off nicely..... nice.


:: Watching You (NONPLUS002)

I remember hearing this for the first time and thinking WOW !! another completely fresh sound, it features vocals from D Bridge, and is on a half time d'n'b flex.... really feeling this experimental side of drum'n'bass, a really beautiful and amazing sound .... Instra:mental are killin it!!


:: Shut Up And Dance
:: Epileptic (Martyn's No Strobe Mix) (SUAD 63 - BUY)

Martyn has smashed it this year, some absolutely killer bits (check out Friedrichstrasse).... this one is no exception - DEEP bass, choppy beats, old skool chords.... RUDE !


:: Strings Detached (ACRE 015 - BUY)

some white label business courtesy of Donstar - really feeling these experimental / electronic / dubby vibes... real nice piece from Blue Daisy, BIGUP!


:: Hotwax (CH8201)

debut release on Alex Evesons' Channel 82 label. liquid business at it's best, a beautifully put together number with what sounds like an Aaliyah vocal sample giving it those dreamy vibes. this was a big tune over the summer for me, really revived my interest in d'n'b. head over to the Channel 82 website to check the limited edition cover art prints too....


:: Guardian (Know You Want Me) (METH081)

Brighton duo Spectrasoul giving us a release on Metalheadz - you know it's gotta be KILLER!!! loving these vibes, a real roller..... turn it up and enjoy


:: Above Worlds (BMT001)

Luscious .... Gorgeous .... Beautiful .... say no more


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