Message From The Tribe

In the early 1970's, Detroit was a city carrying with it the musical legacy of Motown as well as the title Motor City as one of the USA's main car manufacturing centres.  But, by 1970, Motown had moved to Los Angeles and the city's car industry was in decline leaving Detroit in a cultural and industrial void.

Out of this wasteland came Tribe.  Over a five year period a group of creative jazz musicians from Detroit took control of their own lives by running their own label, Tribe Records, where they proudly put forward the message:

"Music us the healing force of the Universe"

Picked this up earlier in the week - one of those rare, almost flawless records that just gets you.....  encapsulating this amazing 1970's sound through free jazz // spiritual // soul // bebop // modal // Detroit funk //  groove // & more....

Nice packaging too - the CD comes in the new Soul Jazz box-case with a 60 page-mini-Tribe magazine, while the double pack vinyl includes a very limited edition free Tribe magazine

As deep as you like, can't recommend this one enough, make sure you get it!!

--> BUY NOW via Sounds of The Universe

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