Alix Perez :: 1984

coming out today on Shogun Audio from the man Alix Perez - debut album entitled "1984"

lot of hype on this one, and from what i've heard, thoroughly deserved.... my favourite so far? Forsaken feat Peven Everett & Spectrasoul - simply beautiful, definately one of my tunes of the year...

if you a Londoner, get yourself down to Blackmarket on the 15th October for in-store launch business.... album signing // goodies // free cider !


‘1984’ transcends the club/home listening divide with ease providing not just another drum and bass album but something so much more special. Going against the grain Alix Perez has delivered an album for real music lovers the world over. Crossing genres he delves from blessed-out downbeat and experimental hip hop to funk, soul and of course his beloved drum & bass, fusing them all together in the ultimate urban electronica album for 2009.


Alix Perez on myspace

Spectrasoul on myspace

Shogun Audio on myspace

Blackmarket Records

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