Learning @ 55 Studio

party gwannins @ 55DSL Carnaby Street tonight.... upstairs, a private viewing of an art exhibition Andrew Clark entitled 'The Learning'.

Inspired by the nostalgia of 55DSL's fifteenth birthday, 'The Learning' gives a nod to the past in resurrecting the old school. The work is new, but the delivery traditional. accetates, slides, and frames give the viewer a chance to interact and be educated in this first solo exhibition from emerging illustrator Andrew Clark.

also checked the new winter collection from 55 - bright colours all around, feeling the YELLOW, FEELING the PURPLE ! yeah, as always, some really nice pieces....

check the XV/55 sneakers too - cold as ICE! a sneaky limited edition collab between 55DSL and Adidas Originals.... rude

bigup Billie and the whole crew @ 55DSL

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